Menù Special Events

New Year's Menu 2021
valid only for dinner


Raw and cooked Sardinia appetizer


Herb marinated Scottish salmon carpaccio.

Amberjack tartare flavored with lime, fried onion chips.

Ombrina roll with prawns and mango, passion fruit sauce.

  Sea bass salad, fennel heart, avocado, fresh cherry tomatoes, ginger.



Galatina of sea bream, green broccoli, mashed potatoes, sprinkling of Bottarga.

Sauteed squid, seasonal vegetables, guttiau bread.

Carpaccio of fragolino, citrus fruits, pomegranate, wild fennel.

Parago soft cheese and golden fried seasonal vegetables.


First course

Shrimp lasagna, sweet courgettes, wild fennel.


Second dish

Stewed sea bass steak, heart of artichokes, potatoes, Sardinian vernaccia.



Apple and cream packet in brise 'pastry crust


Coffee -  Waterfall


Wines excluded


Price  € 100.00